Turn the Volume Up on Your Life

Turn the Volume Up on Your Life

Choose us for hearing loss treatment in Twin Falls or Burley, ID

When your ears are working right, they turn music, voices and noises into vibrations that your brain can comprehend. Hearing loss distorts these messages and makes it harder for your brain to understand them. If you're experiencing hearing loss, make an appointment at Hearing Doctors of Idaho in Burley or Twin Falls, ID. Our hearing loss doctor will conduct a thorough hearing examination to determine the cause of your trouble.

Hearing loss can be caused by:

  • Head trauma
  • Disease
  • Aging

No matter what the cause is, our hearing loss doctor can help you get the clarity and relief you need.

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Find out what kind of hearing loss you're experiencing

There are two types of hearing loss: conductive and sensorineural. Conductive hearing loss means there's a problem with your ears, while sensorineural hearing loss means there's a problem with your brain's ability to process sound. You can also have mixed hearing loss, which is a combination of both.

Our hearing loss treatment staff in Burley and Twin Falls, ID will work tirelessly to determine what kind of hearing loss you have and what we can do to alleviate it.

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