Making Hearing Aid Care Accessible to All

Making Hearing Aid Care Accessible to All

Learn more about our Hearing Advantage Plus Program in Twin Falls and Burley, ID

Are you one of the millions of Americans who don't have health insurance? Are you on a fixed budget or income? If so, Hearing Doctors of Idaho has something special for you. We believe everyone should have access to hearing resources. That's why we've developed the Hearing Advantage Plus Program. Clients will have access to up-to-date hearing technology approved by our audiologist. With prices starting at $99 a month, this covers annual exams, free batteries and free upgrades for 36 months!

Approval for the program is contingent on your current credit. If you're in Twin Falls or Burley, ID, apply now to gain access to these amazing benefits. Call 208-734-8263 today.

What's covered under this plan?

Our audiologist developed this comprehensive plan to assist those in Burley and Twin Falls, ID. When you sign up for our Hearing Advantage Plus Program, you'll receive:

  • Eight Clean n' Clock office visits
  • Three-year warranty on your hearing aid
  • One-time loss and damage warranty
  • Complimentary upgrades

Take advantage of our risk-free trial. Call today to apply.