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Determine what's causing your hearing loss

Don't let your hearing problems go untreated. Come to Hearing Doctors of Idaho for a thorough, comprehensive exam. You'll go into an isolated sound booth for an accurate hearing exam.

We can conduct:

  • Otoscopic exams for earwax and abnormalities
  • Audiometric tests for specific frequencies
  • Speech reception tests
  • Speech recognition tests
  • Immittance tests for eardrum or middle ear issues
  • Bone conduction tests to detect sensory loss
  • Loudness growth tests

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Don't put off your hearing exam

Don't put off your hearing exam

The sooner you figure out what's wrong with your ears, the sooner you can receive treatment. We can help you determine whether the problem is with your ears themselves or with your brain. We can also assess you for tinnitus and vestibular problems. We offer treatments for all sorts of ear-related issues.

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