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Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves frequently? Have you noticed a constant ringing in your ears? Hearing Doctors of Idaho can help you get to the root of your hearing loss. Our experienced ear doctor has offices in Twin Falls and Burley, ID. We're always ready to find the hearing loss solution that works best for you.

Hearing loss is something to take seriously. It can affect your personal relationships, as well as your professional environment. Hearing loss can have an impact on the way you drive, exercise and interact with others. As soon as you notice a problem with your hearing, take action by coming to our ear doctor.

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Get treatment for all kinds of different hearing and balance disorders at our hearing clinic

Your ears do more than just pick out sounds. They are also responsible for your sense of balance. If there's something wrong with your inner ear, you might have trouble staying steady. We can help.

You can depend on our ear doctor and his teams in Burley and Twin Falls, ID to treat:

  • Tinnitus
  • Inner ear problems
  • A vestibular disorder
  • An auditory processing disorder
  • Ear abnormalities

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What makes Hearing Doctors of Idaho right for you?

Our dedication to our clients sets us apart. When you come to our hearing clinic, you will be treated with care, attention and respect. Our hearing doctor in Twin Falls and Burley, ID will figure out what problem you're facing and find a solution.

Whether your hearing problems are a result of an industrial accident, an ear infection or simply the passage of time, you can depend on us to provide the compassionate and effective treatment you deserve. We also offer hearing aids that start at $99 per month if you don't have insurance.